Day 29! about a pet…cats reading

Books & Cats ~ arlene s bice

Violet & Daisy of the Magical Bookshop

in Cascade Springs, New York

have their tuxedo cat, Emerson

Darla of the Black Cat Bookshop

in Brooklyn, New York

has her pure black Hamlet

Charlie Harris good-natured librarian

in Athena, Missisippi

has his rescued Maine Coon cat

Minnie Hamilton of the Bookmobile

cruises in Chilson, Michigan

with her rescue cat Eddie

even literary agent Jane Stuart

in the  New York publishing world

has her tortoiseshell cat Winky

By the Book @ U & I Gift Shop

in Bordentown, New Jersey

lived Jane & Lizzie Bennet

charming namesake sisters of

Pride & Prejudice fame

Jane, a black & white Manx

with no tail & high haunches

 also called a Lady because

she was, tho adventurous

a huntress, clever, smart

v-e-r-y smart

younger sister Lizzie,  tiny calico

walked delicately like a ballerina

purred as the perfect feminine feline

born with a two inch tail, kinked

opted who she cozied up to

both rescued cats of feral mom & dad

loved being in the display window of books

delighted the early morning walkers

basking in the cooing and ah-h-h ing

never disturbed or knocked over a book

loved to lay on the newspaper i was reading

curled up in front of the faux fireplace in

the reading area of the bookshop

amazed at the Christmas decorations

throughout, never broke an ornament

careful, appreciative, loving, content

sad to leave it all behind, yet looking

forward to a new adventure in

Macon, North Carolina, happy to be

where i was, big windows to watch

the deer, rabbits, fox, turkeys

still surrounded by books & art

filling the walls, a real fireplace

to curl up in front of, house

 spirits to play with,  a new life to live

more than pets, we talked together

i read to them, they purred in answers

we ate together, slept in the same big bed

even saw spirits moving through our home.

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