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Powerful Peace

J. Robert DuBois has written Powerful Peace a book I’m not quite finished with yet, but couldn’t wait to spread the word. He is a Navy Seal who has been fighting in the Middle – East and other places for many years. Apparently the spirits have chosen him, after his gaining the insight to see war from all sides of those involved to come up with a plan to bring about peace. His depth and compassion are remarkable; his ideas for peace plans are inexpensive and doable. Hopefully this military man will be able to reach those in higher authority and get them to listen to him. In the meantime if others who read his book and see the genius printed there, would gather together in following his ideas and pressure the politicians of ALL parties to work together in bringing about peace.

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  1. Hey, guys, this is Rob DuBois. A friend told me about your posting on “Powerful Peace” and I wanted to write and thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate your generosity in reaching out to spread the message for conflict prevention and Applied Smart Power.

    In peace,

    – Rob

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