Cat Tricks

I’ve had to change some normal daily routines around here since Lady Jane developed diabetes. It ain’t easy. She is eating special dry food for diabetic cats. That is okay. She likes it. Well, let’s face it, there is very little in the food department that Lady Jane does not like except for tuna or salmon or sardines. Go figure.

But it is very expensive. If that is what it takes to get her stable, that is okay, too. But here is the deal.  Mz Lizzie is not diabetic so she is eating her usual Science Diet for Indoor Adult-over-seven-years-of-age dry food. Expensive enough on its own. Again, if that’s what it takes to keep

her healthy, fine.  So I have separated their foods. Jane’s in the usual kitchen spot; Lizzie’s in the bedroom where I can put the bowl out of Jane’s sight when not in use. Lizzie eats like a bird. Not in selection but in volume. She could care less about eating but eats to live. Jane lives to eat. She could be at the opposite end of the house and she will hear the tiny little rustle sound of dry food being eaten from a bowl. She’ll come sauntering in, trying to make me think she is being casual, leap up onto the worktable and push Lizzie out of the way to inhale her food. I scoop the bowl into my desk drawer to keep Jane from eating what is no longer good for her health. She looks at me with these pitiable eyes, asking me why I am being so cruel. Do I like Lizzie better than her? It is tough.

Lizzie likes to eat most of her food after midnight and again at 3 a.m. This poses a real problem for me. I like to sleep after 11 p.m. I cannot leave the bowl out in the open because Jane will gobble it down. So we’ve fallen into a new routine. When Lizzie is hungry she nudges me and nudges me and if I don’t wake up and get her food out of the desk drawer, she nudges me until I do. I’m desperate for a good night’s sleep. I haven’t had these problems since I had newborn babies and they have children of their own nowadays!

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