A Female Writer’s Query

I recently read an interview of Jeanette Walls, author of her memoir The Glass Castle. She revealed a great deal of interesting instances about her childhood that makes me want to read this book. She certainly had an unusual set of parents. At the end of the article it mentions her contributions to MSNBC, that she lives in New York and Long Island and is wed to the writer John Taylor.

Now, as I often do, I Google ‘writer John Taylor, NYC’ and come up with a senior writer for Esquire, his latest book and that’s it. No mention of a wife or who she is if he has one. On another site Jeanette Walls also pops up under the quest for John Taylor (?)  It says they are a power couple.

An article written by John Taylor about  Deconstructing a Peace to End All Peace comes up along with a list of other items he has written. No mention of a wife. Is this the same John Taylor? Don’t know. I doubt if he is the John Taylor of Duran, Duran…….but.

But my comment is this: Why during an interview with a female writer is there a mention of a husband and what he does, but during articles about male writers, there is not?

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