About Children’s Books as Gifts

Well, the photos show my psychic cat Lizzie reading a book and falling asleep on it. That’s okay. I do the same. but the words are about my youngest grand daughter reading.

I’ve been enjoying the best time browsing through children’s books on Amazon, looking for books to suit my granddaughter Rachel’s age and subjects that she likes. It brings me closer to her, even though I live far away. It forms a connection. I found out that she likes horses. Well, of course, she does now, at 8 years old. That’s about the time I came to love horses and soon after began building a beautiful collection of them over the years. I bought a lot of them with my hard earned babysitting money. In my art class in Hamilton High I made a gorgeous, ceramic black horse head.

Anyway, I ordered some books from Amazon and had them mailed directly to Rachel for her birthday.  But for Christmas I wanted to see and hold these books I was buying for her. Become familiar with them. What about content, paper, sketches; wanting to know what children’s books of today look like and feel like. Plus I wanted to wrap them in Christmas paper and write DO NOT OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS on the outside envelope, hoping her mom will not give in to any plea Rachel may give. So, I’m having a lot of fun in this early holiday season. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a youthful giddiness. Of course, books are involved. My love for them goes back a long way. I won’t say how long. Hahaha.

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