DAY 11

Our optional prompt for the day is based on the concept of the language of flowers.
amethyst flowers? arlene s bice
i had no idea the beauty of fresh flowers
match the beauty of my favorite gem, amethyst
my grandmother’s birthstone, known
to encourage spiritual awareness, develop
intuition and enhance psychic abilities
grandmother was a seer, a reader of cards
born with a veil, connected to the other side
the language of amethyst flowers
each drawing admiration for loveliness
Browallia Americana found at Monticello
Buddleia grows abundantly off my sunporch
Early Amethyst Beautyberry with its changing
appearance throughout the year is medicinal,
fragrant, vibrant giving so much more to admire
than beauty, enhancing lives of those nearby
the language of flowers whisper to us softly
bend a little closer so you may hear.


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