Going to Delaware Park, Wilmington

Its charm began the moment we stepped from the side parking lot to walk the path through the small wooded area over the picturesque bridge that spanned the wee creek and led to the side entrance. Pausing at the bridge for a moment was a must-do each time. We never entered any other way.

I was a novice at the beginning of the racing journey and not greatly knowledgeable when it ended. Yet I did absorb bits and pieces by observing and listening whenever I heard the word horse mentioned. I picked a few winners too, mostly by devotion to the feminine entering as jockeys, an uncommon situation at that time. I also followed my instinct for the long shots and the racing form for the favorites. These were pre-internet years when information was not readily available at my fingertips. Of course, I won’t say that I didn’t use a bit of intuition from time to time, either. Available on Amazon.com in paperback or ebook.

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