Italian in America-Dina Di Maio – book review

There is something special about people who love and care about food, where it comes from, how it’s cooked, how it is related to heritage, and the pride of it. This book, a collection of essays, blogs, recipes, and the wisdom of nonna that is handed down through the ages, is a great read about Italian food, culture, and memories. It’s a keeper to read again later. And again. And to refer to the recipes. Di Maio’s stories about Italian cookies during the Christmas holidays brought back memories of visiting my Italian girlfriend’s aunts and the wonderful cookies we (I) ate at each house. My mom wasn’t a cookie baker, but I became one when I was 10 because of the influence of these wonderful Italian aunts with their trays laden with all kinds of cookies that took weeks to make. Remember to read the chapter on Bread and Quarantines! I thought I had cooked all the Italian recipes over the years, but found ones new to me in the book, with pictures! I love this book and highly recommend it!

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  1. This book, and the other in your previous post by the same author, looks like a book I need to order. As an Italian American, I am always interested in stories about Italian culture, immigration, and food! My husband is Greek, so we make a lot of Greek food, especially desserts. I think it’s time I start focusing more on Italian sweets. Thanks for the nudge of inspiration.

    1. You’re welcome. I grew up alongside the large Italian community of Chambersburg, Trenton, NJ. My first wedding (the big one) was held there, cake made at Barbero’s and the Italian, huge cookie tray to pass around even though my husband was not Italian. Wedding was great, marriage not so much. hahaha.

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