Jane Austen Anthology

You are invited to write what your passions are about Jane Austen and/or her books; your favorite characters, the character you like to laugh at, favorite books, movies-like or dislike and why. This includes the offshoot books and movies that are related to Jane Austen i.e. Lost in Austen, Stefanie Barron’s Jane Austen mysteries, Death Comes to Pemberley etc.

Your name, address, email, tele. # in upper left hand corner. Your Bio- 50 words or less.Send one item of unpublished prose (essay or personal thoughts) up to 1500 words; or send up to 5 poems, no minimum number of lines, maximum of 50 lines or less, each: Write THE END at the end of each piece submitted. This will be removed before publishing.

Send as a word attachment.Deadline of March 31, 2021 midnight. Acceptance letter will be sent by April 15, 2021.

You, as the author retain copyright for your work, permitting PurpleStone Press to publish it.The copyright for the anthology as a “collective work” belongs to PurpleStone Press.

The book will be available to purchase by May 30, 2021.   Please send your submission to: arlenebice1633@gmail.com as an attachment as soon as your piece is completed and edited. The first 10 accepted submissions will receive a complimentary copy within the continental USA.

All accepted submissions will have a one-time offer to purchase anthologies (as many as you want 1 –100) at less than retail price.

Questions? I’m always delighted to answer questions. Send them on…  Arlene S. Bice

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