Joe, Step-dad arlene s bice

A word for the step-dads

on Father’s Day

men who stepped into shoes

emptied leaving a big gap

hard to fill

Joe was one of those

stepping into my father’s boots

when Dad became terminally ill

removing fear of failure from

Mom’s list of worries

filling our refrigerator

trips to the farmers’ market

a case of beer a week for Mom

replacing the octopus of a coal

heating system so he could

remodel the basement for us

the list is a long one

he released my oldest brother of

financial obligations, allowing

him to fly away to his dream plans

placed presents under the tree

candy in the Easter basket

baseball bat and bike for Bobby

tap shoes & a catcher’s mitt for me

when a near-spilt came

we rooted for Joe

he got new respect from Mom

Bobby got college

i got a movie-star wedding

Joe got a family and all it entailed

including the love and deep respect

he deserved. 

0 thoughts on “Joe, Step-dad arlene s bice”

  1. You made me cry. I did not know. I thought he came much later in Fort Lauderdale.

    Another similarity in our lives.

    I am writing now. I am not sure it is me or the other side okay with it bringing on the memories. ????

    1. Glad to hear you are writing. It comes when it comes. I have a way of thinking everyone knows what i know. i forget those who are younger….even son Ralph being the youngest had no clue about a lot of things.

      1. I also had a moments with my youngest, Mandy. She had no memory of something I thought she would have remembered. It actually shocked me and prodded me to begin writing these memories down.

  2. What a nice reflection of his life. What a job that must have been to “replace the octopus of a coal heating system” and then to go on an remodel the basement for the family. I think he is smiling down on you.

    1. thank you, i’m sure he is. He was very proud to walk me down the aisle.
      and my father was sorry he had to leave us so young but an early death was his path this lifetime.

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