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My brother and I had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen in Town Triangle today. I’m wondering if I am way off base or do others agree with my thoughts. The Shredded Mushroom and Spinach Pizzas were good, sided with good Mediterrean Salads, but my chin was about 3” above the table. I asked for a bumper seat, knowing immediately how small children feel. Alas, they had none.

The music was very loud and of a nature that was definitely not conducive to pleasant dining or digestion. Where is the sense of dining room decorum to be found?

It was also annoying to have the wait person come to us, while our mouths were busy chewing our food, and pump us for donations in “supporting the troops.” Really, doesn’t anyone respect time and place for things?

I wonder how others feel about this. Am I out of step, expecting too much for the money paid? If it were McDonald’s or Wendy’s or like fast-food places, I would understand the mentality. What are your thoughts on this?

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