Missing Bobby

cousin Jackie Bice, me, Bobby in our reading corner

Remembering My Brother Bobby

2016.03.25. arlene s bice

as kids

he worried about me, his little sister

up in the trees; walking the spiked fence,

riding my bike; arms stretched out wide,

engulfing a world from the middle of the street

he was the quiet one

we went to the movies on Saturday afternoons,

roller skating rink; baseball games;

I talked him into taking the shortcut home

he believed me to know the way, and I didn’t

we always got home safely

as  a man

when his heart broke, he came to me;

I took his hand, we roamed all over Italy

drove through clouds down mountains

the dangerous curves of the Amalfi Coast

hanging over the brilliant, azure,

glittering Mediterranean Sea

in Verona, wandering streets at midnight

when he thought I knew the way, I didn’t

all lights were out, except one-a half

block away; a pizza place whose

owner was from New Jersey

he trusted me

his healed heart broke a second time

he came to the forests of North Carolina

anger and pain pouring out of him

with the gentle guidance of a loving sister

-I try not to be bossy-

he settled, calmed the waters by writing poetry

walking the dog, teaching high school kids

in his passing of life, he found peace at last.

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