NaPoWriMo Day 4

Our prompt for the day: write a poem based on an image from a dream. 

Dreams ~  arlene s bice

dreams; so many each night, so many recorded

a repetitive one carrying an important message

i am standing inside my old house in New Jersey

the one where i was a young girl, married

becoming a woman over the 13 years there

the house is falling apart, walls tumbled

the interior nakedly exposed to the world

stairs crooked, lopsided, dangerous

rooms out of square, paint chipped

cracked ceilings, lamp glass broken

a ramp running down from the shiny

black front door  to the sidewalk

i look over and say to then-husband Ken

“we can fix it” knowing it cannot be

repairs foolish to even think of, or try

when this dream comes and it has often

over the years, same house, differently

dilapidated, different appearance

different repairs needed to save it

i know big lifetime changes are waiting

be assured, they are coming without

fail . . .

even after i have been long gone from that

life, an independent me, soaring through life


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