Interior  of a house in Warrenton with many ghosts that love where they are.


This is the time of year when ghosts are talked about whether pretending for a Hallowe’en costume or the real thing. Of course they are present year ‘round but the subject seems to come out of the woodwork in October.

Part of the fun of gathering stories to write a new book on hauntings and things that go bump in the night, is hearing the experiences of other people when they see  that wispy something floating up off the floor, or a body in a red plaid shirt that also happens to be transparent, which everyone knows is impossible. It’s an interesting way to realize it’s time to expand your thinking, to search out some of the new scientific findings that prove what others have been swearing was true all along.

It’s also a lesson in learning to believe what another is saying even though you cannot see what they are seeing. Of course you can practice ways to open your mind to intuitive senses, you know, that sixth sense that you already depend on when meeting someone that you may or may not like instantly. Where does that come from? There are many good books available that can lead the way to learning so much more about the after-life and the before-life, too.

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