Sealey Chapbk Challenge-19 plus poetry

The Gathering Place-Arlene Benden Enos

There is a magical place where I can go

It calls and beckons one and all

Here  lives a beautiful queen whose arms are open wide

To meet and greet, guide and teach to set your fears aside

Feel the magical, mystical energy everywhere you turn

Drink from the fountain of wisdom, Oh how much you learn!

Stories of angels, fairies and guides,

Spreading her love both  far and wide

The Queen is always there to lend an ear

Hold your  hand and wipe your tear

Breathe in the love that is all around

I don’t  want to leave this home I found

Thank you Dearest Ellie!

A POEM FOUND-arlene s bice

Gazing out the window this morning

readying the day with morning thoughts  

a path of light streamed through the forest

there was a poem

Words of tenderness flowed

opening my heart to sensations

for anyone and everyone,

for all seasons and reasons

the words of a poem

Yes, it’s a morning routine, yet this light

has never been seen before; beckoning

as the gentleness of a lover seeking attention

whispering a poem

It is an invitation; a bit of a memo

a reminder about love, that may be sent

with the confidence and surety

of writing a poem

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