Six Sentence Story-ETERNAL

Umbrella Jane

I scurry around quickly picking up exactly what I need while shopping at Costco in this strange atmosphere of where everyone wears a mask and keeping a 6-feet distance from each other.

Sometimes that means using extreme patience waiting for another to finish in the area that I want to step into for what I want to buy.

In silence they nod to me that they are finished now moving away and I nod a ‘thank you’ nod in return trying to smile politely behind my mask.

I think a particular thought process hanging in the air is working because I notice that no one has been rude or inconsiderate.

When I leave the store by way of the crates they have piled up to guide shoppers in and out of the store with as little interaction as possible, the drizzle of rain that began in my journey today has turned into serious rain falling.

I pop my umbrella open charging forward to my car, open the rear hatch and begin unloading my cart with one hand while holding the umbrella with the other until a masked woman approached me, holding her umbrella over me so I could load my car with much more ease tells me kindness is alive , healthy and ETERNAL

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  1. ???? The good is always there. We just need to see it. The bad is just more evident. ????

  2. Wonderful six! I have to wear a mask daily at work in a healthcare setting, and it gnarls me having to wear one as well when I go shopping (though I understand and agree with that). Same here, with the supermarket distancing lines, patience in waiting, hand gels on entry, screens at the checkout. Really good measures in these incredible times to help keep us all safe. The shop workers are sometimes unsung heroes and need all the protection they can get. Your last sentence is heart warming as it shows consideration of others still exists, even under a mask.
    Bravo for the six!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I don’t like the masks either and go to the post office at 7 am so i won’t need one. No one else is there. i try to shop locally at 7 am or 10 pm for the same reason. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. My hat is off to you in salute. You are today’s hero! Brave beyond comment. Thank you from those you serve.

      1. Thank you so much for your words.
        Yes, wise to try and shop early or late. Like you I go early to avoid rush. Also made some online orders where you go to a drive-thru service and the groceries are put direct in your car… a really good idea but sometimes they don’t have what you want in stock for delivery that day – as it takes about 5 days to process from order to pick up – so you can end up with replacement brands or refunds. Still, it’s a neat option for the basics.
        Stay safe and well out there, and stay creative too!

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