SSS~ Therapy

I walked into the nursery, plant and flower nursery that is, enjoying each inhaled, distinctive scent that floated under my nose.

Ah-h-h my blood pressure was dropping down to a normal level even after the unhappy morning at work where the boss was way out of line with his demands, red-faced shouts at everyone about everything that was wrong in the office.

We all knew it was really wrong in his home but none of us were about to speak up or even look him in the eye because good advice about divorces might slip out.

The man wasn’t living a decent life and wouldn’t be living a life at all if he didn’t seek some therapy to get him over the bumps in a disastrous marriage.

I cringed inside for the man and his suffering ignoring how he was making us suffer because of his choice of bride.

Then again, my therapy is in place with the cat that waits for me to come home to be the perfect companion to me.

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  1. Love your implied use of the prompt word, in a slightly different form – aromatherapy. The smell of flowers and plants, cut or in a nursery, is very helpful with relieving stress.
    Oh, dear. Nothing worse than the person in pain taking his/her anger and frustration out on everyone around them. Especially, in the workplace.
    Excellent close out. Our four legged family members make the perfect companions 🙂

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