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Some people seem to think it took forever for year 2020 to finally be over. But I take exception to that. It seems to me that as soon as I turn the calendar to the next month, time zips on by in a flash; it’s the 5th, the 15th and when the 25th comes, forget it, the month is gone!

I find that I cannot keep up because time is passing by so quickly. I wonder if it is because I am immersed in my work, because I am content with my life or if there is a reason I haven’t yet discovered. But I know that time is zipping away too fast.

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  1. I read somewhere once that time does in fact o faster as we age. It’s math. A year for a 60 year old is one sixtieth of a life, a small proportion- fast. That year is one sixth for a six year old, large proportion- slow.

  2. Hey! Tell D. Avery I’ve heard that explanation as well… cool
    For me personally, for reasons uncertain, the acceleration of the perceived passage of time (in a given year) does not kick in until late April.
    Maybe there’s some sort of mental hibernation thing in my head.
    thought-provoking Six!

  3. I’ve read the explanations about the quickening of time as one ages. I have no doubt that it is true. It can be frustrating at times but other times gives a big sigh of relief.

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