TTOT 20.11.27.

Photo by David Dilbert- unsplash
  1. Ancestor Edward Fuller for being brave enough to sail on the Mayflower.
  2. The Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims survive that first winter.
  3. Family Search who has connected me to my ancestor on the Mayflower!
  4. Stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry relish, and turkey.
  5. Holidays where we pause to remember with gratitude.
  6. Photographs that record everything including family that departed too early.
  7. Photographs of family/ancestors where I can see an earlier me.
  8. A warm bed on a cold night.
  9. Fred Motley, director of Pandemic Blues show at the Kirby Theatre in Roxboro.
  10. The cast, crew, writers and all who made Pandemic Blues production possible.

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  1. I am not from the U.S., so only relatively recently learned about the Mayflower. It must be wonderful to have an ancestor who sailed on it. I also had no idea the Native Americans helped the first pimgrims survive – of course, now that you mention it, it sounds logical, but still.

    I am also so glad you have photographs of ancestors and family to understand your roots.

  2. The word stuffing always reminds me of the traditions in families and how even how some of the traditional foods served may be called by different names. For instance, my parents always called stuffing dressing. Not only did my mom fixed candied sweet potatoes, but also candied carrots.
    Have you used relativefinder.org? It is kind of fun. The accuracy of the results depends on the accuracy of the information in the family trees on familysearch.org however. You can discover how you might be related to presidents and other famous people and people in history.
    The Pandemic Blues sounds like a fun production.
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Terrific list! So cool that your ancestors came over on the Mayflower! My brother has done a lot of genealogy research and so far, he thinks our family came over in row boats. I spent the entire month of November trying to teach my little nugs at school the story of the first Thanksgiving (they are 2 and 3 years old). “Mayflower” is the one thing I got across to them!

    1. It’s been exciting finding all these ancestors. I have some that immigrated in the 1880s, too. I diggning into their life to see why they left their homeland. People have important reasons for leaving home. good luck with the little ones.

  4. Totally agree on Grat #8!
    The whole Pilgrim story got much more interesting when I read up on the voyage itself. Not exactly a giant boat! Any transatlantic voyage is impressive but in a an 80 foot boat?!
    I spent years on a commercial fishing trawler that was eighty-five feet in length and there were nights with weather that made that feel too small.
    But across the ocean?
    Thanks, guys better you than me.
    Have a good week.

  5. thanks Clark. The Mayflower connection set me on fire to follow the movements of these ancestors. I’m amazed at the documentation left behind once i found where they went and who they developed into. It brings history alive. but, no way would i get on a ship that small and cross the ocean!

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