1. Businesses who paint holiday scenes on their windows in Dec. making the town look festive and keeping the old time feel to it.
  2. People who decorate and light their homes for the holidays, so joyful during these short days and long, dark nights.
  3. Writers who share their lives by writing memoirs, sometimes in poetic form, or essays or prose. They help readers to understand lives different than their own.
  4. People who love cards as much as I do even though this year I am sending more ecards for the holidays.
  5. Jacquie Lawson for creating interesting and beautiful greeting cards that I can enjoy sending and I can read those received over and over.
  6. Jacquie Lawson for her 3-D Advent Calendar that is restorative, restful-memory inducing, and just plain joyful.
  7. Simmering Potato-Leek Soup’s aroma filling the air in my home on a cold wintry morning.
  8. Prayer groups, thankfully prayers work.
  9. Stretching exercises after sitting too long at the computer.
  10. Trees that filter the air and clean it for us.

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  1. Isn’t it nice to see the festivities going forward despite the pandemic? We have taken to driving around and looking at lights and discovered a lovely lit neighborhood right near us. We knew nothing about it.

  2. Exercise is a big thing with me of late, not so much for building up rather to counter the effect of too much time sitting in front of a computer (home or at work)
    We have neighbor who is very much into the display of lights on their house and lawn.
    Phyllis actually has more lights on her tree house than she does on our actual house.
    Have a good week.

    1. Thank you. Because i enjoy it so, i have tried to spread the word but just get blank stares in return. I’ll continue to send more cards during the year and maybe some will get the hint to try it.

  3. I love reading memoirs that help me understand how others have overcome some of the challenges in their lives.
    Jacquie Lawson’s site is a favorite of mine too.
    When we used to have a large garden we planted leeks a couple of years. That was my first time of even eating leeks. The potato leek soup especially delicious.
    Years ago we planted 1/3 of our property in pine trees just with the idea of it filtering the air from a freeway about three miles away.
    I love the way those businesses have decorated their windows.

    1. Thanks Pat for all your comments. I try to encourage others to write their memoir. You don’t need to have trauma in your life to have a message for someone else. My brother’s bistro was the first time i tasted potato-leek soup. yummy. In my last home in Macon NC i was surrounded by deep forests but not one tree on my lot! So i began digging up the little ones around me and bringing them in one by one (out of clay soil-so i had to wait for a 3-day rain to get my shovel into the dirt.)

  4. I love when businesses paint scenes in their windows, whether it’s for the holidays or for local high school spirit. It’s an endearing thing that seems to happen mostly in small towns. I love potato leek soup. Smells like home!

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