TTOT 2020.06.26.

  1. Lexulous (online scrabble) that frustrates me sometimes to the point of screaming but keeps me in touch with my Broad Stroke sister, Laura who saved my life in North Carolina.
  2. Dear, dear close friends I keep in my heart. You know who you are. I hurt when you do. I’m full of joy when you are.
  3. POD where my errors in publishing a book can be corrected ASAP.
  4. KDP where I can order one book or a hundred at the same cost.
  5. SSS six sentence story prompt from GirlieOnTheEdge, sent weekly for such fun to do.
  6. My biological family who don’t understand me but should know that I love them anyway.
  7. My interesting ancestors who gave me a base to start from. I desperately need to write your stories.
  8. My precious years lived in Bordentown, New Jersey. They were so happy and full. I will always consider it my town.
  9. Costco that keeps Amazon from being the only choice. People need choice to keep everyone from getting too greedy.
  10. My thesaurus that picks up when Bacopa doesn’t.
Bordentown Postcards
Major Fraser’s

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  1. I’m a big fan of people writing their family stories. Family history is fascinating when the stories are known.

    1. With meditation it’s amazing what ancestors send to you. I once had a hint to look in Ohio. None of my ancestors were anywhere near there but a NJ record had been misfiled and it was found in an Ohio file!

      1. Oh wow and oh yes! My sister, may she rest in peace, was the chief genealogist, she taught my daughter, and she would have trouble sleeping because the babies would call to her to be found. She found many babies who needed to be found.

  2. I definitely can relate to #6 and #7. I enjoy doing genealogy and I have begun writing our family stories. Thankfully, I was able to record my mom telling me childhood memories over the last year. I wished I would have done it so much earlier.

    I was able to meet a 102 year old cousin last September. Her mind and memory was as sharp as a tack. We sat in her dining room for hours on end perusing family photos and the stories she spoke of. WOW – – a couple of weeks later, she passed away. I am very thankful I had the opportunity of meeting that beautiful soul.

    1. You are very fortunate indeed. Lucky you. All my grandparents were gone before i arrived. I do wish i had talked to my aunts but we were not in touch. thanks for commenting. I love that you got to talk with your 102 year old.

  3. Oh, I do hope that you will write your ancestors’ stories, for yourself as much as for them.
    I agree with you on #9. People do need choices.

  4. Duh. I only recently joined Costco (just over a year ago) because i thought living solo, who wants to buy in bulk? Sometimes i need to be hit on the noggin. I love the hearing aids (reason i joined) from Costco at only $1000. Way, way less than any hearing aids offered anywhere! Monopolies are not good for any of us. Thanks for commenting.

  5. isn’t the virtual world, in general, and the blogosphere, in particular such a cool ‘place’?
    Things to learn, things to do, people to meet and get to know… very cool

    1. clark, I feel the same excitement i read in your comment! i’m a bit of a newbie to SSS and TTOT and i delight in having these mini conversations with other writers from who knows where…..that i’ve met through those two places. Thanks so much for commenting.

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