Picture by Melissa Zikos from Unsplash. Thank you.
  1. For the perfectly, slightly chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc wine that I toast to all my family, friends and acquaintances, new and long-time. I love you all dearly. You’ve helped form me into who I am today.
  2. I’ve survived 2020 by wearing a mask.
  3. That I still use my time productively as a writer.
  4. That I’ve been in touch with my first Maid of Honor and she is healthy and still single, by choice, too.
  5. For all the various jobs I worked at that gave me a full life of experience and empathy.
  6. For all the people who have entered my life and made a difference. Some turned me onto a different path…and it was good.
  7. For the angels who watch over me when I make stupid mistakes…or maybe they were just lessons to learn.
  8. Music in my life. It can create a memory to write about or to just enjoy.
  9. To have loved and been loved…the greatest reward on earth.
  10. For those who overlook my scars and impurities and like me anyway, maybe even love me in their own way.

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  1. Who would have thought a year ago that we would be thankful for wearing a mask everywhere we went?! So many people and events make us who we are – some chance encounters, others lasting a lifetime.

  2. Wonderful list!
    I am thankful for the people and experiences in my life who have helped guide my way and who have had an impact on the person I am today.
    I like to think that wearing the mask has kept me alive also. I guess I will never know for sure, but I choose to still wear a mask as long as there are still people getting sick and dying from COVID.

  3. And we may just mask through 2021. It’s to the point it would almost feel weird not to wear a mask. I am counting on the universe to kill this pandemic by summer as the one thing I miss more than coffee shops is the swimming pool. But, we do what we must to get through it because I am not ready for the alternative, as yet. I love music and it is lately even more of a salvation with the noise canceling headphones and discovery of youtube writing music videos, they are awesome!!

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