A few of my Jane Austen collection
  1. For the opportunity to publish a Jane Austen anthology.
  2. For new, fun books still being published with Jane Austen as the protagonist.
  3. I am thankful that I have traveled much in my life when it was fun to travel.
  4. For all that I learned from people I met through traveling outside the USA.
  5. For the computer that makes it easy to write, share and record my thoughts.
  6. That the perpetrators of the assault on our Capitol are being arrested and charged.
  7. For the milder weather days promising winter may not last too long.
  8. For the responsible people wearing masks and taking the vaccine.
  9. For people who share the beautiful poetry they write that lifts a low heart.
  10. 10.For my new Jane Austen ceramic mug even though it is a left-hander; a gift to me at Christmas.

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  1. Being able to travel to places where the character in a book may have lived enables the writer to more accurately word paint. Traveling to other places helps open our eyes and ears to the way others see the world and broadens our own perspective.
    I so agree with #6 and #8!
    Congratulations on the Jane Austen anthology!
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks.I couldn’t find where an Austen anthology had ever been done and there is so much passion surrounding her. Her name/or reference appears in the most unlikely places. A left-handed mug means that when i pick up the mug to drink with my right hand, the image cannot be seen by me.

  2. Especially #5! I know writers wrote before computers but… ayiiee! How much more labor-intensive! Not to mention the lack of an internet (where the knowledge of mankind (both real and imagined) is but a keystroke away.
    Have a good week.

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