TTOT 21.01.29.

  1. I have a new companion, he’s shy, just moved in, pure black with green eyes and I’ve name him Capt. Midnight. Actually his name is Midnight (exactly like the pure black cat of my childhood) but I’ve knighted him with the title Captain.
  2. My new computer chair that keeps rolling me away from my desk. Love it.
  3. Dear friends clever enough to put my new computer chair together. I’ve been looking at it for 2 weeks wondering how it would be when all parts came together. My friends are so good to me!
  4. Friends who gather together impromptu and talk about books!
  5. Getting on the list for an appointment for the vaccine.
  6. Hot Corn chowder on this snowy day but the snow has disappeared already.
  7. New Jane Austen related  (mystery) books that just arrived for cold day reading.
  8. Coconut oil to use on my hands to keep them from drying out.
  9. For discovering daily journal writing.
  10. The very few photos I have of my ancestors.

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  1. Captain Midnight is a perfect name for your new companion.
    The new computer chair that keeps rolling away from the desk could be fun or frustrating depending on how you look at it. Glad you had friends to help put it together. The putting it together part really can be frustrating.
    The corn chowder sounds delicious especially on a chilly day.
    I hope you have a good week ahead.

  2. ahh new computer chair… so understated in enjoyment (not counting the initial, ‘hey! this cushion actually …cushions!)
    for those of us here, in the blogosphere, the proper chair to write from is, arguably, more critical than the correct clothing.
    have a great week ahead

  3. I love cats! I have three and have to tell myself that I would be a crazy cat lady if i had too many more than that. Captain Midnight is quite gorgeous. Yay for snow that looks pretty and then disappears!

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