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As I left to go to the Food Lion at 7 a m I noticed my front tire on the Cooper was a little low. All the tires on the new cars always look low to me. I noted to check it out when I returned. At 7:30 my tire was nearly flat! Yikes! What do I do now? When I moved to rural NC in 2005 I canceled my membership in AAA because if I had a flat, cars would pull over to fix it for me. Really! I never had to ask for help. It just showed up.

This time I was in my Farmville Virginia apartment complex parking lot and most people had not even left for work yet.  I decided to wait until I stopped in the office at 8 am where a Mental Health Awareness event was taking place. I did. I asked about local garages and AAA was suggested as the best idea. It was super to have folks, Poplar Forest staff, that I trust to discuss this with….me, a stranger here. This crew makes me feel like home, a stranger no more.

At home again, I called. I joined. I became happy. To start with, I know these things happen for a reason. I have no idea why. Joe’s Towing came out in a half hour, not only removed my tire-with-a-nail-in-it but repaired it on the spot!!! Wow! He saved me the cost and time of taking it to a tire shop. I stepped into the not-so-new-century and the new way of doing things. I was impressed with Joe, his quick and good work doing it right and his pleasant attitude so early in the day. Hat’s off to the Staff and to JOE my hero of the day!

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  1. Arlene, So glad you shared that! And an absolute delight that you remained attuned and listened to a ‘hold on .. let me go to the office’! From there, things unfolded. I agree that once you have AAA you know the utility. Good on you.
    I awoke shortly after midnight .. stressful stressful thinking of alienation. I wrote. I chatted with my dog Astra whom I rarely invite to sleep on the rug beside my bed. I considered not going to some upcoming events for numerous reasons ‘in my head’ … tho I upgraded to receive a 2009 Chevy yesterday. From my son in law’s family, no cost for the car .. tho plenty to get the title and insurance, etc. In the middle of the night .. even the inspection was driving me to the brink.

    Egads! Writing and pondering and Astra giving her two cents, I realize that “I GOT THIS THING CALLED LIFE”.

    And yes, cars tend to have tired that look flat. Must drive a pick-up otherwise! 😉
    Peace & Love,

      1. Indeed. It seems to go with clutter more than anything .. a cluttered thinking process. Generally, I see it as uncertainty.
        Yup .. glad my doggie Astra sat up with me. It helped.

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