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Day 26 ProlificPulse Mo Po : Explore the theme of dreams and aspirations in poetry

Dreams © arlene s bice

Those dreams that were given up
after one attempt after another
failed again and again, yet again
disappointed, rejected, lost
returned, came unannounced
an opportunity given to me
without asking 30 years late;
came easily from two directions
“please write a book for us”
my writing affair began.

My First Book

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Day 21 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a poem inspired by a favorite childhood fairy tale.

Ahhh Cinderella! ©arlene s bice

As a teen, I longed for my prince to come
haul me up onto his great white horse
ride into the sunset, travel, dance, sing

no one told me he was really a toad
no way would we ride onto the road
troubles and sorrows on me did he load

till I finally grew up and wised up, too
bought my own horse-power, that was
first a 2-wheeled Honda, then a Harley
candy-apple red, shiny and took myself
over mountains, down into valleys low
vroom, vroom, wherever I wanted to go.

Photo by Fran Now Time-unsplash

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Day 12 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a dream you’ve had in vivid detail through poetry.

Dreaming the House of Change © arlene s bice

Repeatedly, it began with my house
of early setting in
back wall completely blown away,
rooms crooked, uneven,
reconstruction not working,
a ramp leading to entrance
weatherbeaten, life beaten
a vision of my marriage

this repetitive dream alerted me
change was coming
it did, each time.

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Day 4 ProlificPulse Mo Po: a poem of a place you’ve never been but long to visit

Photo mxx @unsplash

Off to France © arlene s bice

To the land of the Impressionists
to walk where they stood with easels
to create a new style of exquisite art
to enjoy plein air countryside beauty
to stroll in the gardens of Monet
to share a table, wine, talk of colors
to still feel the presence of Renoir
to sit with Cassatt and Morisot’s spirits
to see them linger as I would linger
to see Degas approach, bottle in hand
to be there, outside a Parisian café
where I once appeared in a former life.

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Day 3 Prolific Pulse Po Mo Challenge: a poem that captures the essence of a favorite song.

photo thanks Alexander Mils@unsplash

Dreams Made, Hearts Bade© arlene s bice

My promises to you were filled
many rivers I’ve crossed
some more than a mile, some less
follow you I have; made my own way, too
loved the world seen, now mere memories
double rainbows appeared, brilliantly
you’ve taken me around the bend
my friend, Moon River to me.

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Alternate poem for Na Wri Mo Po

Photo by Gordon Williams on Unsplash

Alternate poem from Na Wri Mo Po
a poem that recounts the plot, or some portion of the plot, of a novel that you remember having liked but that you haven’t read in a long time.

Across Time and Death

In this springtime when death and rebirth
are prominent thoughts with many
I think of Jenny Cockell and her memoir:
Time and Death, remembering dreams
of an earlier life, of leaving young children
behind, without

it brings to mind my own earlier lives
lived and passed, loved and not
times throughout the ages to learn
but have I remembered the lessons
did I carry them with me or not
where, when

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SNAPSHOTS: Memories and Recipes by Sandra Martin -book review

These SNAPSHOTS are indeed as varied as the photos that lay in your own drawer at home. Martin’s snaps are words from the life she lived growing up on a Bracey, Virginia farm to Virginia Beach to Manhattan, New York to time spent across country, around the world, and back to holding events in the Dairy Barn on the farm. Her adventures in the big cities as a literary agent and executive producer for television are balanced between recipes from her passion of cooking for friends.
As her spirituality grows, so does her intensity of life. Dreams play a major role as she executive produces the series of The Power of Dreams for the Discovery Channel, interviewing names that every household recognizes.
Martin is a woman who has lived a fascinating life by making things happen, by following her intuition, listening to her dreams, and doesn’t mind talking about it. This is a fabulous read that will inspire others to go ahead, step out, and take a chance on life. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

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ellie prof 2

Women’s Open Forum

FEATURING: Ellie Newbauer


12 March 2016 * * * 11:00 to 3:00 pm

Pay $35.00 at the door
Bring Your Lunch * Coffee, tea, & water are provided

“The Gathering Place”
115 Magnolia Court
Wildwood Point
On Lake Gaston
Littleton, NC 27850
We will launch the day with an open class discussion followed by a group participation session.
You’ll learn how to work with dream symbols, find the theme or story line in a dream, and how feelings in the dream are an important part of the message being given.
Please bring a short dream to work on. If you don’t have a recalled dream of your own, there will be samples to work with. We will end with a group sharing.

Bring a journal, pen/pencil * A bag lunch * An open mind & your curiosity
For further info:



Last night I dreamed that a loved one was going to die in a few days. There was much more to the dream and many people were in the dream. My dreams are cinematic- you could usually make full length movies from the details, sounds, and vivid colors in my dreams.
When I woke up, I wanted to know the meaning of the dream. I keep a dream journal so I try to analyze most of my dreams. I’ve learned over the years what my recurring dreams foretell for me. Dreams carry messages for us. It’s important to me to be aware of the message someone out of sight is trying to tell me, be it a warning or a heads up to something nice coming along.
This particular loved one has passed over many years ago, so it was not a premonition dream as I sometimes have. I have dreamed of him many times. I have also had visits from him that I know were not dreams.
I first went to Layne Dalfen’s page on dying and death dreams. She has some interesting thoughts on dreams. I quote, “When a loved one who has passed on, appears in your dream, it is proof that the relationship does not end. You are giving yourself the opportunity to continue the relationship in a new way.” Her website is:
I also checked into Dream Moods and I quote: “that I am lacking a certain aspect that the loved one embodies.” Their web address:
And for a third opinion I checked into the Psychic Library at:

There I found this advice:
“may be a way of keeping a connection to them or reliving the impact they had on my life.”
Dreams are as fascinating as any research can be. Yet as a writer, one thing is for certain. If you are going to write a dream into your work, be sure to announce that it is a dream, ahead of telling the story of it. It is totally unacceptable to pass it off as real then surprise your reader with a guess what? That just makes a reader feel like they have been played for a fool.