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NEW RELEASE: SIMPLY PUT, a collection of poetry

Announcing my newest book: SIMPLY PUT, a collection of poetry. It’s a slender volume of a hundred pages, filled with poems selected from those written in the last ten years. They are not divided by those years, but by subject: Seasons Change, About Words, Past Lives & More, and Other Places. My intention is to stir your own memories by sharing mine with you. As the seasons and years change, so do we. New experiences become old memories as we move along in this life we have created. Words sometimes harm us and sometimes encourage us to keep on going in the direction we are moving. Past lives, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, is meant to give you thoughts to ponder. Places leave imprints on us that we carry long after we have left them behind. Enjoy the words I have written for you and for me to revisit time and again.

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    1. Robi,
      Thanks for your comment. You can order from me (signed or inscribed, if you like) for $10 shipped free within the continental USA or go on Amazon. If you use Paypal, say you are family so there are no charges. Or you can send a check.

  1. September 19, 2017
    Last night I determined I was going through the stack of magazines by my bed. I am an avid magazine reader – from finance, to home décor to mindfulness to archeology of the Bible. Going through I was separating into piles; read this, need to read this, what is this one, when I did subscribe to it? I finally arrived at the bottom of the pile and there was a book I’d spent months searching for. Simply Put: A Collection of Poetry by Arlene Sandra Bice. Arlene gave me one of the first copies and I put it somewhere –forgotten by my bedside table, and then covered it with monthly magazines. I had searched for it high and low with no luck. I was too embarrassed to ask her for another and so I didn’t mention the book and she didn’t either. Finally, I forgot about it, but I bet Arlene didn’t. Writers are sensitive and caring about their words and about your words (on a page) too.
    I immediately sat in my favorite white comfy chair, curled up and read it. Cover to cover. Arlene has such a gift for scripting words to paint a picture; convey an emotion; carry a tune in your head of words that mesmerize and come back to you again and again. My heart was opened again and again reading her poetry. I laughed and I sighed with that “me, too” feeling.
    I got up this morning and in my head were the words “I bent my glasses this morning” –chuckling to myself because that could’ve been me. I love her line “left a scorched heart from broken promises” from the poem, After Fifty, thinking what person on earth hasn’t felt that deep burning pain at one time or another. And her Bedside Table – just like my bedside table and so many devoted readers-although to be honest I don’t have that many poetry books by my bed.
    Arlene’s rich and full life has borne a gracious, loving and meaningful book of poetry. Just dip into Simple Put: A Collection of Poetry and you’ll be filled with a warmth that only poetry can bring.

    1. You are so right! We writers may act blase’ but your words made me cry with, what? joy? affirmation? satisfaction? I’m not sure but I am sure that I appreciate your fine words……golly, I love the printed word!

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