sevenling poetry

Sevenlings came to me from Jyoti Wind who got them via Writers Market, posted by Robert…… formed by Roddy Lumsden as part of a teaching exercise, who originally read a structured poem by the late Anna Akhmatova. I hope I have that all right. J.P. Dancing Bear figures in there somewhere. When I Googled his name I came up with a whole new (to me) poet to read, explore, absorb, learn.

Two of My Poetry Sevenlings-

A Sevenling (He loved going)

He loved going to
The horse races, dog track
And the casino.

He hated reading,
The theatre
And libraries.

He married a writer.

A Sevenling (He changed my cooking)

He changed my cooking to Italian
Using good garlic, fresh yellowy lemons,
Extra virgin olive oil.

Then he took me out to
The Bierhaus, the Peking Palace
And Paula Deen’s.

His Italian taste buds disappeared.


These are the rules as I understand them. Correct any of this if it needs doing. A seven line poem split into three stanzas.

The first stanza consists of three lines; need three elements connected somehow, can be contrasting.

The second stanza is also three lines with the same rules as the first stanza.

The third stanza is one line kind of like a punch-line, a touch of irony perhaps.

No title needed but if used, should include the leading line words.

The overall poem is to encourage the reader to think and respond.


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