I noted in my journal on 18 December, about 1 ½ months after the Tachyon experience in the pyramid, that my left hand felt like arthritis was beginning to return. Stiffness and pain were slowly creeping back in. Aside from that, I was sure that my balance had improved. I wanted definite proof, no guessing or imagining improvement. My left hand was certainly proof and I wanted it to remain a normal, flexible hand.    

On 22 December I arrived at Dr. Mary’s for a planned 30 minute session in the Pyramid. I slowly walked up the stone path, my mind already anticipating the pyramid, over the wee bridge, and entered the Sanctuary. It still held that soothing effect. Dr. Mary stood by as I squirreled into the pyramid and settled in the chair. She said she’d return in a half hour and left quietly.

            With my eyes closed, I set intentions of healing. I noticed my hands warmed immediately. There was no torso rock tumbling or any heavy vibrations going on at all as happened the first time. My body was calm and still. My mind was peaceful with intent. In my mind’s eye, I saw and felt a stick go through my left eye from top to bottom. It was strange to watch it but I knew it was healing and there was no pain; no feeling at all. I didn’t react to it. It just was.

            I cupped my hands over my eyes, still closed, and ran my hands over different parts of my body as if placing healing hands. The time went by in a flash. Dr. Mary spoke gently and I opened my eyes. It seemed as if I had just closed them.

            I later learned that Tachyon realigns the body and aura so the body can unblock the emotions and heal itself. Hmm. I’ve been holding in a lot of emotions for many years. I hide them behind working. It has been a long time since I cried.

            We retreated to the dining room where Dr. Mary had placemats set out and a glass of water for me. We sipped cups of hot Lemon Balm tea and I nibbled cookies. Dr. Mary let me talk as she visibly watched me.

            I chatted with Cal when he came in to say hello, a bit surprised at how he had bounced back with such energy since I saw him last! He had been suffering with severe back pain but it obviously was healed thanks to Tachyon. We said our goodbyes. I promised to be in touch. I felt wonderful. Alert. Bright. Refreshed. The two hour drive home was as pleasant as it could be. 

Since this last session Tachyon lays in the back of my mind. I’m aware that my left hand is normal. No arthritis symptoms at all! No creeping in stiffness. No pain. There has been a tremendous improvement in my balance! Going to yoga has been a weekly date for the last 4 or 5 years. I usually do a 10-20 minute yoga routine at home on the other 5 or 6 days. I had not been able to do the “crane” pose where I stand on one leg with the other tucked up underneath. Recently I’ve been able to accomplish this at home! I’m sure Tachyon was responsible for this. There is no other explanation for it. I feel balanced. Hmm. I wonder if I could ice skate again. I loved it as a kid and managed to skate every winter until I married at seventeen. That was a long time ago. My adventure continues….. Next Blog—Affects & After effects: does Tachyon work?

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