I squirreled into the Pyramid easily and sat, breathed deeply and Dr. Mary left. I relaxed, closed my eyes and cupped my hands over them seeing them healed. Then I moved my hands down to cover my heart, lungs, down to my liver, to my stomach, and finally my kidneys. At each turn I saw them healthy. I sat quietly, not feeling any sensations, picturing the images of Tachyon particles floating down on me like glitter drifting from the stars. I felt as content as anyone could be while gently healing my body and spirit.

            This was about a month after my first extended session in the Tachyon Pyramid Dr. Mary invited me to come for another session. I arrived, excitement bouncing around within me, near the end of January ’18 for another 30 minute session. I thoughtfully took the path wondering what wondrous moments were coming to me again. I stepped into the Sanctuary on this clear, cold day with the mixture of giddiness inside me and serenity on my surface.

            A round dish lay inside the pyramid frame just below the peak, connected to all four sides of tubing before they joined at the top. Dr. Mary gave me some guidance on setting intention. She instructed me to visualize Tachyon particles floating down from the dish covering me wherever I wanted them to go for healing. How easy and peaceful that seemed to be.

                        The time flew by and Dr. Mary came in to lead me into the dining room for a glass of water followed with a cup of Yogi Blueberry tea and cookies. We discussed a variety of subjects while she observed me.  A hello and goodbye to Cal and I was heading north again.

            About an hour into my drive which is half way home, I felt gentle internal tremors. I stuck my hand out extending my arm. Steady as a rock. The tremors did not show externally yet they rumbled around inside. That’s still so strange but I just let it be whatever it was. I believed it was the Tachyon working to heal my body. Any trembling I‘ve had over the years from the Standing Stones had only been noticeable when I lay at rest in bed at night. These tremors settled after a short time then returned again after my dinner around 7:30 p.m.

It was time to order a Tachyon Pad. I asked Dr. Mary to order one from Advanced Tachyon Technologies. I went online to read where founder David Wagner became severely handicapped and was bedridden for three years in constant agonizing pain after a file cabinet fell on him damaging his back discs. He is a scientist as well as inventor, spiritual, a naturalist, and energy healer. He was the original to use Tachyon so that’s where I wanted to purchased my Tachyon Pad. It’s roughly 10” X 20” and comes in a sheep’s wool-like zippered cover.

Why me? Why not me? What has the Source offered me and why choose me? I definitely felt I was chosen for this experience. None of my group seemed to react as I had. Maybe they didn’t need any healing like I knew I did. Or maybe they didn’t believe as strongly as I did. I have a lifetime of hurts and disappointments, inner scars that I have never faced or admitted. They need to be resolved and healed before they cause physical damage or diseases, and before this lifetime ends. So many questions. So many thoughts filled my heart and mind. I carried them with me whatever I was doing.

            After years of considering myself too inconsequential to bring about positive effects to anyone, I wondered why me. Maybe because I was just crazy enough to try something completely unheard of in my part of the world. Maybe it was to further feed my desire to help others through writing and the Source told me to help myself first. Giving this deep thought, I believed I was led to Tachyon to heal what needed to be healed within and to share my experience. I felt the pull even before I heard the word Tachyon. I’m overwhelmed with feelings about all this.

Ahead: The Tachyon Pad plus Miracles?

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