Ghostly Spirits of Warren County NC & Beyond

Great reading! Ge in the mood for Halloween! A few excerpts: Somerville-Graham House   Kathleen: “I came into this (bed) room to clean it one afternoon after guests of ours left. I was in a bit of a hurry. I rushed in, and then stopped. A vapor was right near the (Christmas) tree. It seemed to be hovering! Maybe it was looking it over, I don’t know! It moved as if it noticed me! It turned toward me, moved again and stopped!Then it moved all the way across the room! I just stood there stunned! All of a sudden I just chuckled and said aloud, ‘Helen is that you? How do you like the tree?’ Then I left it alone to do whatever it was doing.

Oakley Hall Plantation-  The guys said they wanted to talk to us because they were concerned about something that happened to them. These two guys never drank on the job, they were dependable, every day type of guys, very reliable people. They smoked cigarettes but did not drink until after the workday ended.

 They started with “Has anything unusual ever happened to you guys in the house? I ask because something happened to us this week.”

 “Well we heard the house has some . .  stories. What happened?” Don said.

 “While we were upstairs working a man walked out of the wall and crossed the bedroom, never acknowledging us, and walked into the wall across the room.”

Also: The Babs Holtzman Story; Traveler’s Rest; Blount Cottage; W.A. Miles Hardware; Person’s Ordinary; Braxton Bragg; and many more.

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