More on Purple Socks


The idea of purple socks played in the back of my mind. How come Sharon and I are the only two people I know that wear purple socks. Or at least the only two I’ve seen. And I’ve been wearing them long enough that some people will come up to me and obviously look down to see if I’m still wearing purple socks.
Two years ago when I went online to find purple socks they were difficult to find. Now they are all over the ‘net; expensive trouser sox, knee sox, some with argyle design. And I even found what I was looking for, some reasonably priced cotton slouch sox.
Curiosity has crept in. What were other people saying about purple socks? Maybe I’d find some answers there. Continuing the search on the ‘net came up with:
In the book Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, there is a boy in Harriet’s class that wears purple socks. She figured he must wear them because they make him lucky. This information came to me from Mimi’s Musings, a blog at: http://bernecho.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/purple-socks/ I had never read Harriet the Spy but I like this boy already. I may have to read the book to learn about him.
Apparently there are some purple socks floating in and out of the Harry Potter stories.
A line of lyrics from Birds of a Feather by Lana Del Rey is “You wear purple socks and still like Purple Haze”
Purple socks are related to the gay community….not a factor in my case. Purple socks are indicative that the wearer does not have underwear on….not a factor in my case either.
I’ll continue to wear purple socks now that the chilly weather has set in. No reason to change. Hmmm. Maybe there are enough out there that I can comparative shop….online, of course.

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