Sealey Chapbk Challenge-14

Letting Go…Judi K. Beach

Leaving at 17 to Get Married

arlene s bice

I leave behind my girlish bedroom,

all pink and burgundy,

but no frilliness,                      never was a frilly girl.

I take with me the memory of a little girl \

sleeping/hiding behind a big Panda Bear.

I leave behind the bed of my youth,

where I dreamed my dreams,

crying out in the night,            because it was scary.

I take with me memories of measles, medicine,

junket and a small green plastic radio.

I leave behind my boudoir chair,

maple bones sticking out,

here and there,                                    a great reading chair.

I take with me the memory of re-dressing it

with wine-colored cotton stripes.

I leave behind my closet full,

out-grown styles worn,

in high school,                         wool plaids/tight sweaters.

I take with me the memory of pretty, silver,

feathered mules, impossible to walk in.

I leave behind my bureau,

the mirror adorned with cards,

and dried corsages,                 from high school dances.

I take with me the memory of the gym,

transformed by magic of fairy dust.

I leave behind the windows,

curtains of merlot matching,

the painted floor,                    round rug kept my feet warm.

I take with me the sound of the tree rustling

against screen, my personal weatherman.

I leave behind walls of pink,

once covered with pictures,

of movie stars,                         some were even signed to me.

I take with me memories of Friday nights

with the girls, looking for the boys.

Good-bye little room, you held me in comfort

as I grew, in the first book of the trilogy,

now it is time for the second book.

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