TTOT-ten things of thankful

Dear Passengers-E. Calwell

The piles of books to read that I keep adding on.

Comic strip characters that guide us with laughter.

Artists who bring beauty into our lives just for the looking.

Memoirs to read of everyday people who don’t realize they are so much more.

For the fresh foods of summer.

For a new/old lamp on my desk that now balances the light I work by, thanks to the RESTORE in Durham/Chapel Hill. I love that store!

For my physical strength.

For my healthy body.

For my challenges at Lexulous (scrabble) online from my tough opponent LauraBelle. Love this game and the women I play against with joy and connection.

For my writing friendships formed over the years and continue to form even though some of us physically meet only occasionally or have not met physically at all and probably never will.

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