me at 15 at our basement bar

The joint was jumpin’ with live jazz and even livelier bodies bouncing around the floor.

She entered slowly one long leg emerging from the front slit in her long, black dress after the other leading her across the dance floor, passing the bar with a wave to the bartender.

As she crossed to the double doors along the rear of the room where the big guy doorman, otherwise called a bouncer, smiled at her indicating she was a regular and welcome indeed.

A smile lit up her own face as she slipped through the opening, glancing around inconspicuously before turning to the left and walking along the thickly padded walls.

Her destination was a few steps away, easily found in the dimly lit room.

She slid onto the high stool as smooth, sexy, jazz oozed from the trio on the small stage, looked straight ahead and said, “It’s still warm outside Sam, so leave the olives and make it a twist.”

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  1. Evocative on multiple levels. A culture gone into the past, a view of the world fleeting for all that it may have been of the imagination.
    ‘cellent Six

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