Oakley Hall Plantation
  1. Have I mentioned that I love Costco? I fought against the principal of paying to shop in a store and fought against the store, believing it was for families, not for people like me who buy in small quantities. Friends argued for years before I gave in. Now I love it and save money too.
  2. The cardinal who looks me straight in the eye each morning, nods his head then feeds heartily.
  3. My Tachyon pad that keeps arthritis out of my hands and may have helped heal my Wet macular Degeneration eyes.
  4. Grace, who brings bottles of fresh well water to this city girl who drinks awful city, water.
  5. Ceiling fans that keep my AC bill lower.
  6. The many times I’ve been to Oakley Hall Plantation but have yet to see one of their ghosts.
  7. All this new interest in poetry.
  8. Coconut water to cook rice in. Yummy.
  9. My countertop appliances so I don’t need to turn on a hot stove in this weather.

Autumn is around the corner. My favorite time of year.

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  1. We don’t have a Costco here, but I sure wish we did. They treat their employees well! What a gift to receive fresh drinking water from the farm! I am eager for Fall too, we live in West Texas and it’s been terribly hot and dry. I hope you do get to meet the ghosts sometime!

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