Nancy Drew Book Cover Puzzle

Laying in darkness in my bed as an 8 year old because it was time for light’s out told me to put my Nancy Drew book away for the night. School tomorrow meant an earlier bedtime even though I always wanted to read for another hour or two. It was just too soon to settle in for sleep with so much going on in the world. I really hated to miss out on so much. If I couldn’t read I would listen to The Lone Ranger on my little lime green plastic radio. But I needed to sneak it under my bedcovers and keep the volume low.

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  1. Oh I truly love this! I was an avid reader at that age too, and a huge fan of Nancy Drew (and later the Hardy Boys). Mine wasn’t green, but I did have a radio by my bed 🙂 I’m also a jigsaw puzzle addict–when I start one I can hardly get anything else done, including sleep 🙂

  2. This story brought back memories of my childhood and hiding under the covers of my bed with a flashlight so i could read or write without getting caught. Maybe that’s why I still enjoy surfing the Internet on my phone late at night while my husband sleeps soundly beside me. ????

  3. Nancy Drew! Loved reading those books. I too was an avid reader at an early age. Wasn’t it the most daring adventure? Thinking you were pulling one over on the parents…I’ll just keep it real low, no one will know, lol

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