1. Pumpkins. Carving is fun even for a non-sculptor but I also love trying new soups, cakes and other recipes with pumpkin this time of year.
  2. Successfully publishing of another anthology, What If?   This one for my long-time writing group of Ellie’s.
  3. Needing no air conditioning or heat in the house for a stretch of autumn.
  4. Friends and acquaintances staying healthy and safe from the coronavirus.
  5. For those working in services staying safe during this COVID 19 dangerous time.
  6. Federal Postal Service. Snail mail still brings me joyful pieces of mail.
  7.  Autumn leaves.
  8. To have the strength to NOT OWN a TV.
  9. To have the strength to ignore the daily news on line. It keeps me at peace.
  10. To accept things I cannot change instead of allowing them drive me crazy.

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  1. For a big portion of my growing up years, we did not have a TV, and we really didn’t miss it, either. Though I do own a TV now, it is not a huge part of my life.

  2. What a cute pumpkin carving!
    Knowing what to do or not do in order to have peace in one’s life is a real asset. Not having a TV for many of the years when our children were growing up was one of the best things we ever did. Although we have a TV now, I find I am perfectly content with quiet times, of not having it on.
    #10 is one of those life lessons which if learned and able to consistently do brings such peace.
    Knowing that friends, family and others are staying safe from COVID-19 is a blessing.

  3. Not exposing oneself to the ‘new’ and current events is a big thing for me. It has a way of insinuating tendrils of concern and wonder (‘No way, they actually said that!!‘)
    I find that every bit of energy I hold on to for a positive perspective is returned two-fold.

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