1.  Pets back in the White House.
  2. Networking that gets results.
  3. Beautiful area of Rudd’s Creek to walk.
  4. Pumpkin is back on the menu for a while.
  5. My UPS person who graciously brings deliveries to my door with such pleasantry.
  6. The post office is open for mailbox pick-up 24/7 so I can go when no one else does.
  7. Artists who see beauty and share it through their talent with the world.
  8. Pandemic Blues and director Fred Motley at Kirby Theatre.
  9. Paul UP for announcing today is World Kindness Day. Love it.

A break in the rainy days that I love so much.

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  1. Pets back in the White House. This may be my favorite of all for this day! Although…pumpkin…yummm I think I stocked enough for a good while because it disappears POOF after the holidays. And I scored some canned sweet potatoes which I never knew existed.

  2. Pets in the White House is almost as good as actual human beings in the White House! Maybe even better!
    Make sure you link up to the TToT so everyone can read your post!

  3. After reading the comments, I think I want to find a pumpkin cobbler recipe too. I love pumpkin but had never thought about making a pumpkin cobbler.
    I looked up Rudd’s Creek. What a beautiful place to walk.
    We have a small P O so it there usually aren’t many people in there, but if it looks busy, I’ll wait a few minutes in the car until there is just one or two people getting their mail.

    1. Pumpkin Cobbler
      1 c. sugar (I use brown) 3 eggs beaten
      30 z can pumpkin ½ tsp ginger
      ½ tsp all spice or cloves ½ tsp vanilla
      ½ tsp salt 12 z can evaporated milk
      1 lb. box yellow cake mix 1 stick butter
      Preheat oven to 350*. Stir together sugar, eggs, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, all spice, salt and evaporated milk. Pour mixture into 9 X 13” greased pan and smooth evenly. Sprinkle the dry cake mix on top. Pour melted butter evenly over the cake mix. Bake for approx.1 hour.

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