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  1. Dark chocolate any way, shape, or form. Love it.
  2. For the peaceful inauguration day.
  3. Crossword puzzles, especially with themes.
  4. The lab guys and gals who come up with cures and vaccines.
  5. My ancestors and the hardships they overcame.
  6. YaY! The COVID 19 vaccine is available!
  7. Hemp oil for nights when sleep doesn’t come.
  8. Poetry that keeps the blood pressure down.
  9. My new $4 blue light blocking glasses that protect my eyes from too much computer reading.
  10. A hot shower to start the day; something I take for granted and it’s wonderful.

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  1. What a great list!
    There is something to be said about learning of the hardships of ancestors and bringing that thought forward to one’s own life. I love being taught from their lives.
    I need to look for crossword puzzles with themes. I haven’t tried them.
    Love #2.

    1. Even if we just know and appreciate the hardships they went through. It brings history to life when we connect them and it sometimes explains there decisions. i.e. the great depression. My grandmother got a job cooking in the State Asylum and managed to get my father a job there too. He previously cooked in a locally famous restaurant.
      Usually each page will have a different theme and it brings a whole new dimension to the puzzle.

  2. Excellent Ten Things! Everything from good taste to good health!
    Interesting about the glasses… blue-blocking hadn’t heard of that… though I do value my regular sunglasses especially this time of year, my eyes do not appreciate the excessive light reflected off snow. (Not that we’ve had that much, which is totally a grat item for me!)

    1. Actually these are for computer-blocking-light. the lens doesn’t appear to be tinted like sunglasses. supposed to keep my eyes from tiring and watering and being harmed by the computer glare. I just got them so we’ll see.

    1. If you don’t need prescription, check them out on amazon. they have different range of prices. I bought 5 pair for $20. I spend many hours on the computer and was quietly concerned.

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