APPARITION      Visible form of a ghost.

CHANNELER           Channeling is the process of receiving and relaying information from an                                 outside entity while in an altered state of consciousness. 

CLAIRAUDIENCE      Psychic ability to hear voices and other auditory phenomena.

CLAIRAUDIENT     Also Supranormal, hearing/receiving messages from those  passed over.

CLAIRVOYANCE   Knowledge accessed without the use of physical senses.

COWRIE SHELLS    Porcelain-like sea snail shells considered having mystical powers..

EMF                         Electronic magnetic frequencies that detect disruptions in the area.

ESP                          Extra-sensory perception, beyond physical senses.   

EVP                          Electronic voice phenomena.

GHOST HUNTER     A person investigates ghostly activity usually with electronic equipment.

HOT SPOT                 An area within a haunted place that contains high activity.

K-II                            Reports

EMF                          Measurements in ranges.

MEDIUM                   One who communicates with entities in the spirit world.

ORBS                         Spheres caught by camera that show entities left behind.

PASSED AWAY        Used in place of died because the spirit, or soul, doesn’t die.

PLANCHETTE          A device used to receive messages from a spirit.      

PRECOGNITION      Foresight; intuition.

PHENOMENA          Events that contradict physical laws..

PSYCHOKINESIS    Ability to move an object by thinking about it.

SMUDGING              An age-old tribal tradition used to create cleansing, harmony, and peace                

SYNCHRONICITY  Meaningful, seemingly coincidental events that are life-altering.

TAROT CARDS        Used as playing cards in 1400s Italy; identified as Egyptian “Book of Thoth”

TELEPATHY             Picking up another person’s thoughts.

VEIL                       A layer of skin over the face at birth; indicates psychic perception.  


Living with Ghosts. . . .true stories

Bordentown & Burlington (NJ) Hauntings

Most of my adult life I read books on life after life, life before life, and living with ghostly spirits. They fascinated me, even more so after I began having paranormal moments from time time myself. I never expected to have these experiences. They just happened. I wanted to learn more and to understand what these moments were all about.

            The story in this book of a Bordentown, (NJ) haunting began with Audrey more than 60 years ago. It continued with my, and my mother’s, “moments” and later with Veronica and her children’s experiences. It’s proved to be an interesting lineage.

            I loved that house and living in it from 1972 to 1982. It’s also where I experienced my first peek into the afterlife with the form of a little girl. It was a very sweet, reassuring moment. Here is a small excerpt from Veronica’s teenage daughter Morgan: One morning at 3 a.m., I woke to hear my Ipod blasting! It nearly freaked me out! That has never happened to me before. Someone has to actually press play for it to turn on. It isn’t something that would slip on easily or without actual intent. Another time at 3 a.m.. a man was coughing and making noises like he was right here next to me. I have a cell phone with pictures-mostly black-taken during the night that I didn’t take!


The Ghosts of the Somerville-Graham House

Rose gave me a tour of her home, the Somerville-Graham House, that has seen much history. It is still being replayed over and over, in Warrenton, NC. She filled me in on her weird experiences along the way.

A heavenly white Christmas tree stands in the corner near the fireplace of this front bedroom. It is adorned with white angels, doves and other ornaments all exuding the feeling of peace and joy. It’s breathtaking to look at any time of year. A life-size young girl mannequin stands next to it, as if she is in the middle of trimming the tree. She is as graceful as a sculptured work of art. The scene casts an aura on the room bringing life to it.

Rose said, “I came into this room to clean it one afternoon after guests of ours left. I was in a bit of a hurry. I rushed in then stopped. A vapor was right near the tree. It seemed to be hovering. Maybe it was looking it over, I don’t know. It moved as if it noticed me. It turned toward me, moved again and stopped. Then it moved all the way across the room. I just stood there stunned. All of a sudden I just chuckled and said aloud, ‘Helen is that you? How do you like the tree?’ Then I left it to do whatever I was doing.”

Book offered on Amazon.com


Living with Ghosts!

Bordentown & Burlington City Hauntings

OMG! It’s a great time to read ghost stories, real, true ghost stories.

Here are a few excerpts from Living with Ghosts

BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY  The Shadow Cat & More           -Lora’s Tale…

“We were talking as I glanced over to what would be my daughter’s room off to the right of me. The shadow of a cat strolled out of her room, walked down the hallway right past me. Just walking, right past me! ‘Well,’ I thought. ‘That is interesting. A cat that is just a shadow.’ I didn’t say anything.”

Mill Street  –    Red’s Stories of the Past

One night John went to the outhouse, which had a little window in it. While he was sitting there he looked up and saw the Devil looking in at him. When he ran out the door, he saw the Devil was half person, half goat. He ran to the house screaming “it’s the Devil! It’s the Devil.” The next morning when he and the farmhand went out to the outhouse they found hoof prints all around the outhouse.

The White House-  The Sara and Trevor Story

His skilled hands worked intently as his mind concentrated on the issue. Becoming distracted, he glanced over the room.  He saw the head of a man floating along from the bedroom into what was to become the private bathroom!

$15.00 at Amazon.com

American History, hauntings, living with ghosts, paranormal, psychic phenomena


The ghosts that I have come across are not the rotted out bodies dripping with blood rising from a grave in a mysterious, forgotten cemetery. They are more like people who loved their home so much that they couldn’t bear to leave it, people who didn’t realize they were dead, and sometimes people just saying good-bye to loved ones before heading toward the light. It can be a very comforting experience if you are open-minded without horror stories lurking in the back of your mind.

One house noted in Ghostly Spirits in Warren County & Beyond has many ghosts and spirits living there and also some just passing through. A while after our interview an invitation came for me to attend a tea party with the ghost children who lived there. It was an unusual experience but not as unusual as the request that came later for them to come visit me in my home! I thought about that a bit before agreeing. After all, they were gracious enough to invite me. They came, giggling and smiling, happy little kids, giving me their names this time. It helped me to look at death very differently.

The passion of history often has a lot to do with a person’s spirit being held to the earth plane, especially on a battlefield where so many died at such young ages.. I went to Gettysburg once, rising early in the morning, before sunrise during the off-tourist season. I sat in Little Round Top and felt the enormous sadness wash over me. I didn’t see any of the ghosts that many have seen. I thought of the cries of those shot down so senselessly. Many of those fallen had no true idea of what it was all about. Why they felt they had to march off to war because some politicians were afraid they would be losing money with the new laws. War is always about the money hiding behind ideals spoken aloud.

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Stories… William R. Poole Haunts……..For reasons sometimes unknown to us, we feel a love of something so strong that we want to cherish and protect it forever. With William R. Poole his love was poured into trees and his beloved white horse. William R. is said to have begun his adult life with nearly empty pockets, but soon began amassing land for his farm and for his forests that he loved so much. He continued progressing through life by serving as Justice of Wake County Court of Pleas and Quarters Sessions and Chairman of the Board of Wake County Commissioners.
It was Poole’s habit to ride his great white horse through his woods every day, spending much time there in the heat of summer and the cold, bareness of winter. The Civil War exploded in North Carolina. At the end Raleigh was occupied by Sherman and his troops, mostly in an orderly fashion. But there are always exceptions….. A handful of Yankee soldiers heard that Poole concealed a fortune in gold in his woods. Poole instinctively knew they would pay him a visit. He bided his time, sitting on his veranda in his cane bottom chair when they charged in on their horses. His slaves were long gone. He was alone. Their conversation did not go well. The Yankees demanded the gold. Poole denied having any treasure at all. The men in blue bullied him and bound him to a fence rail. They dragged him on that rail to his corn mill. When he insisted there was no gold, they burned his mill down.

In frustration the soldiers began poking and prodding between and around Poole’s cherished trees, uprooting no gold or treasure. The Yanks caused such a disturbance that Poole’s proud steed neighed and whinnied in response. His beautiful companion was wrested from the protective, secret hideaway where Poole had stashed him with the comfort of fresh hay and a dry stall. He watched sorrowfully, dejected as his coveted steed’s hooves thundered away with the military horses, a blue-coated Yankee on his back. Never would he see his dear companion again.

Poole recovered and became active again in rebuilding Raleigh and Wake County. Eventually the Carpetbaggers and the Yankees were sent away. Poole died in 1889, seven years after building the Wake County Courthouse. He remained faithful in his love for his woods.

The Will of William R. Poole stipulated that a particular 75 acre tract of his woodland was to remain as such without even one tree being cut down or hauled away. The Will was upheld for a period of time but couldn’t hold out forever. Times changed. Suburbia was springing up everywhere. In the 1920s developers wanted that piece of ground as the area around it developed with houses and families.

But Poole got the last laugh from the grave. When the trees were harvested, each and every one was rotten from the inside, unable to be used for anything. Before those trees were cleared, some folks refused to go into the dense, dark forest. They said it was haunted. Fear ran through the area. Some told about seeing a filmy, galloping white stallion charging between the trees, knowing exactly where to place his hooves. Some say the spirit of William R. Poole was finally reunited with his dearest companion and they streaked through the forest at night to check that no one has chopped down his precious trees. Even after the land was developed into neighborhoods, folks say he is seen riding along the highway yet today; he and his faithful companion, a misty blur of white trotting along the road.

Blogs, I Get Blogs…. There are so many blogs out there and I keep adding more to my list of must reads. Kevin seems to be a neat guy, one I would like to have for a personal friend. His A Garden For the House is one of my favorites for garden tips inside and out along with recipes that are simple but uncommon and also views of his lovely old house. Check it out at;www.agardenforthehouse.com
T his Month……While working on Bordentown stories, I’m also collecting North Carolina true ghost tales for the next book. If you know of anyone who would like to tell me their story, please put them in touch with me at: asbice@aol.com or 252-257-4838. Thanks ahead of time.

Book Review…….. Brewing, by New Jersey Abigail Lorraine Pelletteri. A slender little book of poetry to read one at a time, now and then for contemplation, beauty and peace. And then to re-read after letting it sit on the shelf for awhile. I like her style, form, rhythm, and the subjects that touch her. I like to carry a book of poetry with me for moments of reflection or to keep my blood pressure down when I have to wait in an office waiting room. You can find her at: www.abigaillorraine.com/Photography 101

The Latest……. Ghostly Spirits of Warren County NC & Beyond (Soft Cover-2012 PurpleStone Press) $18.95 A candle in the window, a man who walks through walls, a woman from long ago…..peek into the personal stories of hauntings from those who wish to remain in their place on earth instead of going forward into the after-life. Warren County was a wealthy, thriving place during the antebellum years. Warrenton was the hub of activity, a destination on market days where friends gathered. These imprints were left and remain today.

Also Available…. Ghosts Of Bordentown (NJ) $14.95, Haunted Bordentown … (NJ) $14.95, Life & Labyrinth …$17.95 Memoir & Poetry, Major Fraser’s A House & Its History $19.95, Images of America Series -Bordentown, Bordentown history, New Egypt & Plumsted Township, A history, Bordentown Revisited, More history including its surrounds.

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Ghostly Spirits of Warren County, NC & Beyond

Yeah! It is finally here! Now you can read personal stories from those who have met ghosts and experienced the supernatural. Local legends are in there. Stories brought to the Lake Gaston area by people you may know are included. You can read about the book and excerpts from it at this location:  http://booklocker.com/books/6459.html

I don’t have them in hand yet, but my order is on the way. Check it out on the Booklocker website to get the first copies available.


Ghost Loving Home

There are times when a person passes away but their spirit remains with the house. Possibly this is because he loved the house so much that he cannot bear to leave it. He remains out of sight as long as the family he loved remains there. Time passes and the family with it, either from dying off or moving away. The house is sold or rented to strangers and ghostly activity begins. After all, the spirit lived in the house when alive and for many years after it was no longer ‘alive’. He may consider the house still his and wonder who these new people are living in his house.

Some ghosts like the newcomers and remain quiet. Others seem to be unhappy with the new people and are just letting them know that the house is really theirs. As long as you respect that fact, you will get along fine. This situation happened in “People and Their Ghosts” Ann Herbert’s story in the “Ghostly Spirits of Warren County, NC & Beyond” the title itself tells where these things are happening or at least have happened. The book will be available shortly.